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Is Public Relations still relevant?

The answer to the above question is a resounding Yes. There. We said it!

Now let us tell you why -

Public Relations is about reputation management

With so many channels of communication open for a brand to reach out to its audiences these days, a PR agency knows the responsibility of making sure the credibility of each of these outlets is verified.

PR agencies hire experienced industry professionals who do a thorough check on the brand’s fit along with repercussions on its reputation before sending out any Press Releases. This check could be ignored by firms with less in-house PR experience or eliminated by those who don't practice public relations at all.

Setting the right tone with proper communication

The media universe has expanded beyond its traditional scope. New age media – portals, podcasts, video blogs or vlogs, blogs, social media bloggers all hold a strong grip on customer perception today and a PR agency bridges the gap between the client and these platforms.

A PR representative will be involved in making sure that the content and tone of communication is set right; identifying and briefing the spokesperson and ensuring s/he is ready to take it on.

When it comes to quality, experience matters

The onus of ensuring that the quality, tonality and strength of the brand content that goes up on various platforms along with the impact on brand reputation, is in line with the brand’s vision and mission largely lies on the shoulders of the PR professional.

Public Relations in a highly digitized world

Public relations is still relevant in today’s highly digitized world and is able to encompass a wide range of components attached to a PR campaign. Public relations in India, is often used as a tool to position brands in the market

Its future relevancy depends on constructing a positive and extensive brand building with controlled messaging which always adds value to the brand.

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